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For those who forgotten, Tiffany Lane, better known as Charli Baltimore, is one of the original female Rap Artist from the mid 90’s known for her ‘bad ass swagg’ and flaming red hair. She made her first entrance in the music industry in 1995 with Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s “Get Money” acting like The Notorious B.I.G’s then wife Faith Evans. She later recorded her debut album ‘Cold as Ice’ which featured tracks like “Money,” “Pimp Da 1 U Love,” “N.B.C.,” and “Stand Up.” However, Baltimore faced many obstacles and troubles in her life and career. Her first two albums fell through the cracks due to the friction she had with both labels. And prior to that, she underwent personal tragedies, dealing with the murder of her mentor and romantic partner, Rapper ‘Biggie Smalls.’
Nevertheless, her success on the charts showed Baltimore’s potential. She was and still is able to generate buzz while making a place in the Hip-Hop industry. Charli is now making a comeback, her new album drops in July “True Lies” on Gracie Records and the new single drops in a few weeks called “All Lies” featuring Maino and her daughter india.
Below is a interview with Charli. April 2012
Glam :Hi Charli, it’s been a long time we haven’t seen you. Tell Glam what are you up to these days?
Charli Baltimore: “I made the decision to take time off to be with my daughters. My youngest daughter, India was a minor at the time and got signed to Ford Model’s Agency. So I needed to be there with her at all times. She is now 21 years old and she is doing amazing. My other daughter is also doing her thing.”
Glam:How was it like being the ex-girlfriend of the Greatest Rapper, ‘Biggie Smalls’? Do you think being with him opened alot of doors for you, making it easier to break into the game?
Charli Baltimore: (Laughing)…”No, it made it harder! The stigma attached to dating someone popular- people tend to judge you off of that and not by your talent. There’s too much drama that came with that.
Glam:We consider your style to be very original, your definitely a trendsetter; especially your ever changing hairstyles. How do you come up with your different looks and what is your sense of style?
Charli Baltimore: “I just colored my hair black, I also add extensions. I remember shaving the side of my head and I loved how the way the tattoo stood out. So I rocked it, I am not a stylist but I come up with my own look…I love to experiment.”
Glam: Your past album, ‘Cold as Ice’ open many doors. Why did you choose that name?
Charli Baltimore: “I didn’t come up with the name, the label I was signed to at the time did. They felt that name was the image they saw for me.” Glam Sense: 5. You had so many obstacles in your life..two albums fell through the cracks. What happened?
Charli Baltimore: (she pauses..) “Well, I was with Murder Inc at the time, and their was a beef between them and G-Unit. Irv Gotti got too rapped up in all that drama. I was never dropped from the label, I asked them to let me go!
Glam;With new female rap artists like ‘Nicki Mniaj’ that’s dominating the charts, How do you feel about your return to the game?
Charli Baltimore: “I don’t compare myself to other female rappers! I am a writer and my fans appreciate me. My writing is my talent.”
Glam:What do you think of females making it in the Hip-Hop world?
Charli Baltimore: “It’s hard! It is a male dominating world, but there are still a lot of females who can make an impact.”
Glam:Tell us about your new album? Charli Baltimore: “Well, my album drops soon. My single, ‘True Lies’ features my daughter India singing on it and Maino. The single is about breaking up, and with all the drama and having no trust, they can’t get it together. This album is personal to me, I put a lot into it. I felt every single lyric that was written..I can’t wait for it to come to life.”
Glam:You are a beautiful woman, how do you stay in shape, and what is your secret when it comes to beauty?
Charli Baltimore: “I go to the gym to maintain. I don’t eat sweets (laughing), but lately I have found myself craving sweets. I’m 5’9, so I distribute my weight well.
Glam: Glam is all about fashion. We want to know who is your favorite designers?
Charli Baltimore: “So many to choose from, but I like underground designers more. Chanel and Jimmy Choo are on my list as well. Overall, I love clothes.
Glam:Is your beef with Lil Kim over? and would you ever callaborate with her?
Charli Baltimore: “Beef..I have no beef with no one! I am a grown woman, we’re not friends…but there’s no beef going on

Glam: Is acting in the forecast for you?
Charli Baltimore: “Yes, I was just in ‘Changing the Game’ and I will be in ‘Gang of Roses 2’, coming out soon. I love acting.
Glam:Talking to you, you sound so sweet but your image makes you look like a gangster.
Charli Baltimore: (Laughing) “No gangster, I’m a sweet soul. Maybe because I’m from Phily and they all give off that standoffish look. (Laughing again) I’m cool, no gangster.
Glam:Tell us about your love life?
Charli Baltimore: “Well I got a lot of love…my daughters. I enjoy watching them grow into beautiful ladies. Now I’m enjoying me, but if love finds me.. I am down.
Glam:Well we just want to say, we love you and thanks for taking the time to talk to Glam. We wish you the best and will be listening to your single at your album  release party.
Charli Baltimore: Love you too Glam

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